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Self-Pay Information

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Self-Pay Option for MRI Services

MRI Group offers a self-pay option to eligible patients. Note: due to regulations around the Medicaid product, we are unable to offer a self-pay option for Medicaid patients.
Self-pay may be a good option if you are without insurance or have a high-deductible health plan. If you choose to use self-pay, we cannot submit information to your insurance. You will be required to sign a Right to Restrict document. You can use our Self-Pay Pricing Tool (see below) to determine your price.

About the Self-Pay Option 

Self-pay means you are billed directly by the MRI Group for your MRI.


If you have insurance and are choosing to use our self-pay option, we do not submit charges to your insurance. If you choose self-pay, payment does not go towards deductibles or co-pays. If you have insurance and you prefer we bill your insurance, you will not be eligible for the self-pay rate. You will be responsible for any co-insurance and deductibles.


At the time of scheduling, you can discuss the self-pay option with our team.


If you choose self-pay, you will be required to submit payment (check only) at the time of service. This payment does not go towards your deductible or co-insurance.

Self-Pay Pricing Tool

Use our Self-Pay Pricing Tool to find what your total out-of-pocket cost would be at MRI Group if you choose the self-pay option.

This price is only applicable for the self-pay option. Please contact your insurance company for the code’s allowable price related to your particular insurance plan.

Fee schedule can cange at any time. Current pricing can be verified by calling MRI Group at 717-291-1016.

What determines the cost of an MRI Scan?

MRI prices vary by type of study, and other factors specific to your MRI. 

If you have insurance, the cost of your exam is influenced by your insurance plan and the contract they have with the MRI provider. Your insurance provider may have varying rates (allowable) with different MRI centers.  

At the time of scheduling, you can discuss the self-pay option with our team.

Contact your insurance company to request information on the cost of your MRI at various providers. You may also get an estimate by contacting the imaging facility directly or visiting their website.



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